Dance Expertise

Laban Atelier Bratislava has focused on dance teacher´s education for more than 10 years.

We have organized and led many workshops, masterclasses and educational programmes, aiming to improve dance teachers´competences in creative teaching through innovative movement practices.

We are convinced that dance teachers need continuous support for their motivation, sharing inspiration for teaching with each other and developing tools for nourishing their own creativity.

Last but not least we aim to develop professional dialogue on important issues of creative teaching and talk about possibilities that are available in dance education to deal with new challenges which occur due to dynamic changes in the society.

The main principles we follow have a source in somatic movement practices.Through understanding our movement we learn how the body, mind and emotions are connected. Learning about functional movement, flow and movement patterns is the essence for teaching dance technique. Creativity in dance teaches us to be creative and feel joyful in everyday life. Thinking about the relationship between individual and community, we follow Labans´thought about the connections between man, society and nature, which should be based on respectful communication and cooperation.


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