“We live in high-speed world with new phenomena constantly occuring around us. How not to be lost in this world? How we can learn to understand changes and not to be afraid of them? L.A.B. sees the resource in integrated cultivation of personality as well as community through dance which proves to connect body, mind, emotion and society.”

Doc. Marta Poláková, director of L.A.B.

L.A.B. was established in 2008 as a platform for artistic and educational projects inspired by the legacy of world renowned movement theoretician and Bratislava native Rudolf Laban, who believed that our own movements as well as movement that we perceive around us are the fundamental experiences which form, cultivate and enlarge our knowledge.

Laban Atelier Bratislava organizes dance workshops for professional dancers, students of dance or for anyone who is interested in dance as self-expression, exploration and creative experience.

Annually we offer summer intensive courses – summer dance school – Atelier of contemporary dance. During the year we offer Accredited learning programs for dance teachers. Every three years we organize LabanFest – international festival and conference  dedicated to Rudolf Laban´s heritage. The programme of LabanFest consists of dance performances, lectures, workshops for dancers, actors and dance-movement therapists.  We are active in the contemporary dance community in Slovakia – we create performances, teach contemporary dance, initiate movement research projects and publish books about dance and movement.

Current events

We invite you to our summer intensive workshop/research

Lívia Balážová, Zebastián Mendéz Marín:
Infinite synapsies
2.-11. August 2018

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